Provides an opportunity for the community to support the program’s mission and vision. An individual, business or organization can make a tax deductible donation of $499. The donation will be used to purchase a recumbent cruiser style bicycle, or adult tricycle and a custom designed plate. The Sponsor will be allowed to submit a vector file (pdf or adobe illustrated) logo/design for advertisement on a 5 inch by 7 inch bicycle plate. The plate design should promote health and wellness and capture the spirit of the individual, business or organization. The Sponsor’s plate will be displayed on a bicycle for media events and throughout the program. The bicycle and plate will become property of Conkey Cruisers for community use. Submit Plate Designs to: ConkeyCruisers@Rochester.rr.com

Other Ways Give

Individual Giving

Gifts from individuals are crucial to our viability. We welcome gifts of any size which provides bicycles, healthy snacks and supports the general operations of the program.

In-Kind Donations

A gift of a product or service is a great alternative for both the donor and for us. We look for donations of time, bottled water, healthy snacks, flower arrangements, food and unsweetened beverages for our end of program celebration.

Corporations and Foundations

Corporations and foundations may support Conkey Cruisers through sponsorship and/or grants. This support is essential to our continued success.

Our Wish List

Fender Blender Pro to support our fun fitness and nutritional activities.             Recumbent Bicycles, Adult Tricycles, Prizes-gift cards, Nooks or Kindles, gym memberships for off season fitness and Volunteers who love family fitness.

Your Donation

Since Conkey Cruisers is a non-profit, grass root community organization operated by volunteers , we must rely on the generosity of people like you to help us on our voyage to better health. Your tax deductible donation means a great deal to the Participants and Organizers of this community based health initiative.

Please mail your tax deductible donation to:
Conkey Cruisers
C/O Group 14621
1171 N. Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621

Calendar of Events

Registration Opens July 10 Conkey Corner Park

July 10-August 21, 2017



Conkey Corner Park

92 Conkey Avenue

Rochester, New York 14621

Free Onsite Registration Only

Ages 2-102 are Welcome to Cruise!

American Heart Association Heart Ball


Saturday May 20, 2017

Dr. Arthur J. Moss Award Presentation

American Heart Association

Heart Ball


Oak Hill Country Club

145 Kilbourne Road

                                                  Rochester, New York 14610

Stay Tuned

 Collard Green Curves

The Nurse Bowick Story

Coming to the Stage  Fall 2017

Playwright Michael Atkins-Yawn

Proceeds to Benefit Conkey Cruisers


Celebrity Tricycle Challenge

Tuesday 9/26/17


Conkey Corner Park

92 Conkey Avenue

Rochester,  New York 14621

Reigning 2016 Champions!


1.  L. Johnson

2.  Cliande  Florence

3. Barabara James


1. M. Squier

2. M. Davis

3. C. Gorecki

4. A. Mcfadden

The Most Hilarious One Mile Challenge Ever!!!!

Mail $100 Donation Today to  Reserve  Your Trike

Conkey Cruisers Inc.

1171 N. Clinton Avenue

Rochester, NY 14621



Congratulations Roc-Unity Rydahs Tour-de-Cure 2016 Team

roc unity rydahs

White House Egg Roll 2016

white house with conkey cruisersSemaja, Marie, Malachi and their parents represented Conkey Cruisers at the White House Easter Egg Roll 2016. Thank You President and Mrs. Obama.

Theresa Bowick on The Steve Harvey TV Show

Collard Green Dress with Steve HarveyThat dress made of collard greens — worn this summer to promote her self-published weight loss memoir — has gotten Bowick a spot on the Steve Harvey Show Friday.

Read more at The D&C

Collard Green Curves Book

Proceeds from Collard Green Curves will be used to purchase new bicycles for Conkey Cruisers

Purchase Now by clicking the link below


This book, an inspirational, lifeline for anyone trying to find themselves, quickly captures and holds the reader’s attention. The author demonstrates ways for individuals to conquer their fears and fight, perhaps for the first time in their lives for well-deserved, overdue new beginnings. The book reminds us to let, no man or woman hinder us from achieving our ultimate goal(s).
Amazon | Barnes and Noble

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